Wednesday, Feb 24, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Pull it in. Pull it all in. Way in.  Into your core, your essence, yout be -ing.  For now, resist the urge to expand outwardly.  Sometimes, this action of expanding outwardly can be like a reaching, a grasping for something other than yourself. Do you need to feel like you are connected to source or are “important” because of something that you do or prove or reach for?  Watch for this. It can be very very very very subtle or blaringly obvious.  Maybe you notice it in others, but not yourself.  As you remember the world around you is but a reflection of YOU, you will know that these manifestations around you are really mirroring your own unconscious habits.

In this moment, here, now….move inward.  No need to prove anything. No need to compare yourself to others.  No need to want or desire to be anything other than what you are right here, right now. In this moment,  your private moment.  Where no one can see you or judge you or compare you or praise you or lift you.

Who is this “behind the scenes” you?  Love this intimate version of you.  This imperfectly perfect and real you.  Coming in even deeper, find your true home. The one inside you.  The one with you always… through all the shifts, changes, lifetimes, ups, downs……. find that place that is always always always constant and steady.  The jewel in the lotus.

Here is where you are.  Here, is where you are.

Today, its just about You.


Mantra of the day:  Om Mani Padme Hum

Song of the day:  Come Together by the Beatles


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