Tuesday, Feb 23, 2016


Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.



Did you see the moon last night?  See its fullness, round and soft edged?  Taste its milkiness as it seeped through the heavy sky?  Smell its freshness , hear its sighs?

Did you dance in the moonlight, under the canopy of clouds, with wisps of pure white light filtering down like tiny spotlights from an unseen spaceship?

Did you dream of lifetimes as old as the moon itself and see into the future through this giant lense opening for you?  Did you feel the cries, the tears shed, the river filling with the rain all under the graceful eye of the Moon?    Did you see at sunrise, the leaves shimmering, the ground seeping, the moon waving her final goodbye.

Did you hear her messages, whispered through darkness in languages before words, into your slumbering restful being?

Close your eyes, listen again, and drink them in.



Song of the Day:  I Have the Moon by Magnetic Fields


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