Friday, Feb 19-Sunday, Feb 21, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.


Center.  The message never gets old.  We hear it over and over.  A million different nuanced ways.  It sounds new each time.  We can use many different words to describe this centering.  This centered place.  Balance.  Wholeness.  Neutral.  Inner calm.  The words change but the feeling remains.  Clarity and discernment arise.  Everything that is not clear, not true,  not honest… burns off.

Its that simple.

I stand between the fire and the water.  A burning, a disintegrating a smoldering.   A flowing, a shifting, a clearing.  Together, fire & water have a tricky relationship.  Too much fire, evaporates the water.  Too much water, puts out the fire.  But in the center, I can hold them both.  One in the left hand, one in the right.  Here, in my hands, they co-exist.  The balance to carry them both equally is tricky. Because “equal” does not mean “even”.  And that balance changes daily.  Its like walking on a tightrope with your balancing pole in both hands. The pole shifts subtly to maintain balance as you move with care, focus and attention forward.  Everything is contained in that subtlety subtle awareness.

What is your balance?  Where is your center?  What, in your life right here, right now, are you balancing?  How long can you maintain your awareness on your center.  Focussing here, ease will flow back into your life.


Word of the day:  Center

Inspiration of the day: a page from “Be Here Now” by Ram DasIMG_1187



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