Thursday, Feb 18, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

Unknown Find your neutral ground.  The place of non duality, non judgement.  The place of clear discernment.  Your clear mindedness. Your place.

This neutral ground holds the key to change. True, lasting, integrated change.  Without it, there is no real balance.  Only the superficial shifting from one extreme to another.

The word neutral is fascinating.  Its meaning has come to be associated with qualities like lack of power and uninvolved.  But the Latin root neuter “of the neuter gender,” literally   means “neither one nor the other.” Why and how did the implication of neutral become synonymous with weak?

What does ‘neutral’ feel like to you?  Where are your resistances to becoming neutral?  Are you attached to anger, fervor, control, righteousness in the name of passion?

More importantly, can you find your true passion in the neutral zone?  It is there.  Full of life, potential and understanding.  It is the secret of the buddhas, the sages, the rishis… passed on through millennia.  It is here for us now.

Open your arms and step into this Neutral place.

Word of the day:  Neutral

Quote of the day:  Thich Naht Hahn on The Happiness of Neutral Feelings

“If you are a good practitioner you can easily handle your difficulties; the transformation is quicker. There are many kinds of feelings: painful feelings, pleasant feelings, and neutral feelings. In the process of practicing we discover that the neutral feelings are very interesting. As when we sit, there is a sensation that is neutral. When we bring mindfulness to the neutral feeling, you find that it is quite nice. You see that you already have enough conditions for happiness with a neutral feeling. If you look deeply at the neutral feeling you see that it is wonderful. When you see your feelings passing by like a river, you see that 80% of your neutral feelings are quite pleasant. With mindfulness, our neutral feeling is transformed into happiness.”

January 9, 2011. from Lower Hamlet, Plum Village, France.


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