Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

TODAY!  Re-imagine what it means to evolve.  Consider the implications, the expectations, assumptions you carry.  The actual word Evolve, derives from the “Latin ēvolvere to unroll, open, unfold” (  Often we think “evolve” is to move forward, to get better, to aim toward some end goal of attainment.  Evolving towards a higher consciousness or toward a new paradigm.  Some think of evolving in terms of living in a new dimension or “ascending”.  Or towards ‘better’ and more ‘advanced’ states of technology and medicine.  

What happens when you detach the concept of “progress” from the idea of Evolving. If you take the goal or desire to attain something, out of it altogether.  What are you left with?  What if evolving is not about getting ‘better’ or becoming more advanced.

What if evolving simple is about opening to what is right in front of you right here right now?

Today, let go of the need for “improvement” and evolve into the present moment just as it is.

Word of the day: Evolve

Song of the day:  Galaxy song.  Monty Pyton.  just so we don’t get too serious today!



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