Friday, Feb 5, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

Today. This Weekend.

Complete the circle.  Draw a circle in the air with your finger.  Start at 12 O’clock and move counterclockwise through the space coming back to 12.  Breathe here.  Notice.  Now try the other direction.  Clockwise from 12 back to 12 again.  Pause, notice, breathe.  If you stop before reaching 12 again, you leave a gap, an opening.  Through that opening you leak life force.  Whether it is a small gap, or a large one, it is still a leak.  Sometime, we want an opening, for a very particular purpose and intention. But we still remember to close it when that purpose has passed.

There may be an opening somewhere in your energetic field, your life, your health, etc.  You might immediately know what it is.  You might have no clue.  Either way, its fine.  You actually don’t need to know it in order to close it.  All you have to do is draw a circle and remember to complete it.  You can do this tangibly on a page turning into a creative expression.  You can do it in your minds eye.  You can do it physically with your body in space.  You can do it with the tip of your finger or your whole arm.  Just remember to complete the circle and then place yourself inside it.

Feel your life force return, your perspective back in place.  Moving forward through your day, your weekend, your life with ALL of you in place !

Word of the day:  Circle

Song of the day:   Full Circle by Half Moon Run




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