Tuesday, Jan 26, 2016


Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

Today.  The world is magic.  Transformed around you into a new landscape. Almost unrecognizable.  It calls for you to see, feel and understand your innate powers of transformation and shifting.

Imagine the clothes you wear, your skins, how they define and change you.  The legends and myths of shapeshifting creatures helps us to see the potential to adapt and relate to different environments, places, people, situations.  Which mythological shapeshifter whisper to you today?  There is a message for you here.

How well do you adapt?  How easily can you then come back to your core, your true form? As you breathe in, you return home, to your Self.  Take it all in as you return with your breath.

Word of the day:  Shapeshift

Movie of the day:  Song of the Sea


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