Tuesday, Jan 12, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

Today, A fresh start.  Something you have been working on a long time or something that has gotten very complicated needs a fresh new perspective.  Let go of the work of the past without any regret. Shed it, like an old skin.  Know that it has served you well and had its purpose.  It’s time now to start over, begin again or gain a new understanding.  To what?  That is your work to decide.

Shake off the old feeling cleaner, lighter and fresher.  Never mind the past.  It is already gone. What do you see from this place?  In the here and in the now?

Take a deep breath in….. and move forward in a new direction, feeling an extra b0unce in your step today.

Word(s) of the day:  Fresh Start

Song of the day:  Spirit of the Radio by Rush.  LIVE, of  course!