Thursday, Jan 7, 2016

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

Today, do something!  After some much needed down time and rest, its time to have a day of action, fun and spontaneity.  Surprise yourself in some way today.  Do something unexpected that is fun.  Allow the space for ad-lib into your day.  Getting outside for some fresh air would help.  Dust off the cobwebs in your mind by deeply breathing in the fresh crisp outdoor air and filling your whole body with that freshness.

Movement, in all its forms, is exactly what is needed.  Perhaps you need to re-arrange some furniture while you are at it?  Its that kind of day.  And while you are at it, sweep away those cobwebs lurking in the corners of your room, under your bed and on those ceiling fans.  It will help!

Word of the day: Move it!

Yoga of the day:  Warrior Series  ( action oriented and fun… don’t forget to fly in Warrior 3!)  try doing your yoga to the song below and move it with the groove!

Song of the day:  Slippery People (Talking Heads)




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