Tuesday, Jan 5th – Wednesday, Jan 6th 2016

Energy Musings.  Here. Now.

Today, and the rest of this week, just Wow.

Winter makes is entry with a force and a shove.

“Pay Attention”, he whispers, “I am Here”.

As the door flies open and the cold air blasts forward, All we can do is adjust.  Transitions help ease the movement from one state of being, one place, to the next.  When there is very little transitional space, it can be shocking to the system if you are awake and confusing to the system if you are asleep.  Like being pushed off the edge of a precipice without knowing whats on the other side you are being asked to leap, to fly and above all, to be present.  Whatever loose ends you didn’t take care of in 2015 are knocking, no banging, at the door. Whatever needs to be closed, ended, shut down with the understanding that you did enough already, needs to happen now.  Whatever still needs to be said or done or finished …. consider those things closely today and for the rest of this week.

Write it, say it, do it.  Its not going to get any easier this month so might as well happen now.

I will be traveling Tues-Wed and regular posts will return on Thursday of this week.  

Much love, Jeneen

Phrase of the Day:  Better Now than Never.

Song of the Day:  Don’t Put Off til Tomorrow what you can do Today 



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