Monday, January 4th, 2016!

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.IMG_20160101_240022337

The first E-Musing of the New Year.   Happy first Monday of 2016!

Today, resolve resolutions.  Consider the meaning and intention of a “resolution”.   The word resolution derives from the latin root meaning to “loosen” or “release”.  How interesting that at this time of year, the word resolution refers to a firm commitment to “do” something.  Perhaps, in considering the connection to the root of the word, the heart of the matter as it is, we might consider a reframing of New Years Resoluti
ons to mean what it is we are ready to Let Go of this coming year.  In this “letting go” we may be able to find a more holistic (re)Solution to whatever it is we would like to shift. Can we use the word ‘resolution’ in a new context, altering how we come to prepare for the year to come?

The word resolution (like in music, chemistry and medicine), often conveys a shifting from one form to another. A change, a merging or a (re)solving that leads to a new, usually clearer, state or form. Often this transition requires letting go of one state or way of being in order to align with the next state of being.  When an illness is “resolved” you come back to a state of health.  When there is “resolution” in a piece of music, you move from discord to harmony.  Thinking on these terms, where in your life might you want ‘resolution’?

Whether you have made them already, still working on them, don’t believe in them or simply forgot…. consider your relationship to resolutions.  What they mean to you, how they might function in your life and if or when they serve you. Reclaim this process of New Years Resolutions to meet you where you are ready to go and shift the paradigm of how its been done in the past.

Namaste Om

Word of the Day: (re) Solutions


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