Monday, December 21st

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

Today, tonight, marks the Solstice. The darkest night of the year.  A time traditionally for reflection, silence, inner work and pulling in.  As much as I feel called to gather with groups to mark these transitions (and I do!), the Winter Solstice really embodies and reflects a more intimate nature to our work.

This place, these days, are all about You.  Are you able to see clearly your needs, your requirements, your accomplishments and strengths when you are in a group?  Or do you wind up empathically connecting to all those around you and by default lose sight of the deeply personal and often painful healing and work you need?  Answering this honestly will help guide you to the place you need to be to acknowledge this  place of “darkness”.

We all know that the light is just on the other side of the darkness.  Just as the inhale follows immediately upon the exhale.  There is no need to fear one or the other.  The common blind spot we share is avoiding the darkness thinking that it is separate or bad in comparison to the light.  We can go on indefinitely individually and as a species, turning a “blind eye” to that which we would rather ignore or avoid.

Tonight we are given the beautiful opportunity to once again look in those difficult places with strength, love, self compassion and the true knowledge that regardless of what we find when we look there, the light WILL return.

As you have addressed the loose ends over the last weeks, done your “preventative medicine” work, addressed your procrastination head on… know that you are well supported to move through this transition cycle.

Relax, breathe and exhale into the darkness.

The Inhale will be waiting for you.





Friday, December 18th- Sunday December 20th

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

Today and this weekend, watch for patterns that might slip under the radar.  Little things, that otherwise go unnoticed.  If you ignore the small stuff it eventually turns Big. This is true of health, energy, psyche, work, kitchen appliances, et al!  Take some time today, this weekend, to look around you and notice what maybe you are ignoring or avoiding.  Or perhaps you know its there but you are just magically hoping it fixes or takes care of itself.  Look to the mind, body, soul, physical surroundings, your house, your car, everything.  What really needs your attention now?  Is there a doctors appointment long overdue?  A leaky faucet that needs to be fixed?  An ache or pain you have been avoiding?  A slight fatigue thats not getting better?  An important phone call you haven’t gotten to?  I’m not talking about the holiday cards as of  yet unsent.  I mean the underlying stuff you have been avoiding.  Forget all the holiday buzy-ness & distraction, and take some time to get these essential things done.  Consider this preventative.  Its crucial right now and is time sensitive.  Sure, Make a list & check it twice… and do it!

Word of the day:  Procrastination. Pay attention to it.

Action of the day:  Do it!

Inspiration of the day:  Rosie the Riveter


Thursday, December 17

Today, anchor in, fill yourself and take care of YOU.  Preventive medicine, in all its forms, would be wise to include in your routine.  Healing teas, tinctures, foods, homeopathics and practices like yoga, meditation and chi gong, will help aid you as we begin to move into this weekend. With all the buzz and activity of the holidays, its easy to forget about YOU.  What are the practices you turn to to boost your immune system?  Rest?  or maybe Sweat!  Its highly individualized.  But with your attention on staying healthy and strong, you will find exactly what you need.  Extend this to include your children and immediate family too.  Everyone can use a boost right now!

Heres a list of some things I often turn to.  See if any of these stand out for you today.

  • Elderberry
  • Fire Cider
  • Ginger
  • Astralagus
  • Mountain Tea (Ironwort)
  • Aconite
  • Echinacea
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Usnea
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin C
  • On Guard (from Doeterra)
  • Miso soup
  • Honey, Lemon Tea
  • Eucalyptus


Word of the day:  re-charge

Pose of the day:  Surya Namaskar (to get everything moving and flowing) followed by a long restorative Savassana (to allow everything to let go!)

Wednesday, December 16

Today, embrace your imperfection.  As preparations are underway for this sacred season, from holidays to the solstice, relax your need to get everything just right.  From the lights, to the candles, to the cards, to the gifts, to the calendars…… ask yourself what is most essential here.  And even in those essential places, allow for your human-ness to shine through.  Allow it all to be imperfect with total acceptance, and maybe even a smile.  Appreciate the efforts and experiences that bring you joy regardless of the outcome.  As you gather together with loved ones, look into their eyes, not the lights on the windows.  This is where the true connection is made.

Looking at the imperfection in all that is around you, all that you have or have not yet done or need to do, remember that in our true Be-ing together we create the most authentic Perfection possible.  Nothing more is needed.

Word of the day:  imperfection

Action of the day:  look deeply into a loved ones eyes

Song of the day:  Let it Go!  (a re-writing of a well known Winter Song.  Please add your own verses)

Oh the Holiday Tree is Falling,

And the decorations are Appalling,

The lights are hanging way too low,

Let it Go! Let it Go! Let it Go!

When we finally get to bed,

All the lists run through my head,

And I wonder what day is it,

Do I really have time to take care of all this….uh, stuff.

So the house may be quite messy,

And the laundry is piling a plenty,

But if the lights are turned way down low….

Let it Go! Let it Go!  Let it Go!




Tuesday, December 15

Today, take this day moment by moment, step by step.  Each moment leads into the next.  The momentum that carries you through this time, this day, can easily sweep you up.  Losing precious awareness of the moments that make up our day.  You might have to actually physically STOP and pause throughout the day to remind you of these moments.  Some of them delightful, some irritating, some joyful, some hurtful… all of them sacred.

Remembering you have a choice in each and every moment of how to respond, how to show up. You might not get to choose what happens though, so don’t confuse your opportunity to alter the affect any moment has on your being with control.

In this moment, looking up from my computer screen, I notice a pink cloud hovering in a lightening blue sky.  It turns more and more vibrantly orange even as I type these words.

Look up. What do you notice?

Word of the day:  Moment

Song of the day:  This Magic Moment 

Monday, December 14

Today, a reading.

“Ancient stories…tell of men speaking with trees, with running water, of sounds coming from the rock. A man without patience will not stop to listen, he hurries on. He is ready to laugh at such things,but there is nothing surprising or impossible in it. This world which is around us sounds continuously;  the word re-echoes in all things. Only man must be aware of his privilege, of this underlying oneness of all life. The whole treasure of the Universe is in the understanding of the mystical idea. ”

from The Mysticism of Sound and  Music. The Sufi teachings of  Hazrat Inayat Khan.  

Word of the day:  Mystical

Action of the day:  Listen… now really listen

Sound of the day:  Silence

Artist of the day:  Alex Metcalf…. and listening to trees.

Friday, December 11-Sunday, December 13

The Weekend Report!  This weekend, wisdom from the Fox.  Stand still when you need to be still and move with agility and speed when you need to get things done.

As you come into the still point, be fully present and aware. Focussed on what is happening around you, but not affected by it.  Use this skill whenever you need to re charge, re focus, ground or just catch your breath this weekend.  In the stillness, do not allow yourself to feel busy!  Watch for a wandering mind, scattered thoughts, restlessness in your body… and return to stillness.

When you are “on the go” be fully on the go with direction, focus and energy.  Do not allow your mind to wander or day dream.  Its best not even to try to slow things down.  Just stay on task!  In the activity of this space, feel your aliveness thriving.  Enjoy it.

Know that the still-ness is there to balance the busy-ness and vice versa. For this weekend at least, it seems that in between space may be lacking.  But it is never absent.  Just find your breath.

Word of the weekend:  Focus

Song of the weekend: (because we all need a dose of absurdity!)

What does the Fox say?