Thursday, December 31

Energy Musings. Here. Now.

Today, soothe your aching heart. The parts that ache out loud, and the parts that ache silently within.

Soothe those places with tenderness, care, smiles, acceptance.  Soothe it with song, dance, joy, embrace.

Soothe yourself in a blanket of your love, divine love, family love, the love of those around you.  The love of the cells in your body that work each day on your behalf.  The love of the air you breathe, that allows itself to be pulled into you each and every moment for your nourishment.  The subtlest of loves you might otherwise overlook, forget.  The love that goes unnoticed.

In all that you love, in all that you feel, know that it is returned to you a million times over.  know this.  Know This. Dance it. Sing it.  Play with it.  Live it.  Love it.  Be it. Radiate it.

Shedding the pains, trials, tribulations and obstacles of the last few months…. just feel Love.

And on this eve of 2016, bring in the love, bring on the love, for this New Year.

Word of the Day: Love

Song of the Day:  I Feel Love. Donna Summer.  And the extended dance mix to boot! Jam out!

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