Wednesday, December 30th

Energy Musings.  Here.  Now.

Today might start off with some unexpected setbacks.  Take a deep breath in, close your eyes, and let it go.  Clear your field, clear your house, clear your tools.  Try your best to roll with it with ease and find your footing again.  Ground, ground, ground some more and then really fill. Big belly breaths opening to full body breaths.  Feel the expansion within the container that is YOU.  Reset your perimeter.  Remember who you are and shake off the debris.

Look for the neutral place, the middle ground, the centered way of being.  From here you can see things with clear discernment and understand what needs to happen next.  There is no one size fits all formula, its all about knowing yourself.  What brings you to that centered state of being? Do that today.

Word of the day:  Center

Action of the day:  Know Yourself

Song of the day:  Pick Yourself Up.  Nat Cole.


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