Tuesday, December 22nd

Energy Musings. Here. Now.

Today, the rain.   A light drizzle.  A grey sky.  Time to be still and listen.  Allow the gentleness of this rain to tenderly cleanse you.  Treat each step, each word, each gesture, each action, each moment with the utmost tenderness today.  Not rushing or pushing forward.  Pause at every intersection (both literal and metaphorical) to reflect and notice.  Slow your day down.  Not to a halt, but into a state of living breathing mindfulness.  Whether you are eating, cleaning, working, packing or shopping, take your time.  Focus on the quality of each moment, not on how much you can get done.

And spend some time just listening to the sound of the rain.

Word of the day: gentle

Movement of the day:  passing clouds (tai chi)

Song of the day: come rain or come shineimage


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