Monday, December 14

Today, a reading.

“Ancient stories…tell of men speaking with trees, with running water, of sounds coming from the rock. A man without patience will not stop to listen, he hurries on. He is ready to laugh at such things,but there is nothing surprising or impossible in it. This world which is around us sounds continuously;  the word re-echoes in all things. Only man must be aware of his privilege, of this underlying oneness of all life. The whole treasure of the Universe is in the understanding of the mystical idea. ”

from The Mysticism of Sound and  Music. The Sufi teachings of  Hazrat Inayat Khan.  

Word of the day:  Mystical

Action of the day:  Listen… now really listen

Sound of the day:  Silence

Artist of the day:  Alex Metcalf…. and listening to trees.


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