Wednesday, December 9th

Today, feel your vulnerability. Sit with it. Share tea.  Laugh with it. Eat cake together.  As we let the vulnerability in, we allow the joy and happiness to blossom.  Being vulnerable, feel your human-ness.  Not weak, not afraid, not oppressed…. just real.  Be vulnerable with your kids, your partner, your self.  Be vulnerable with a family member.

Take a chance on vulnerability today.  Find one place, one way, to honor this sacred state of being.  Consider what being vulnerable might feel like to you.   Notice where you might get stuck in your physical body as you even consider vulnerability and use your hands to run it off you.  Move it gently, but firmly.  Clearing pathways to greater awareness and being.

Yoga of the day:  Bridge Pose;  Setu Bandha Sarvangasana.  By opening the heart and the whole front of the body, we expose ourselves to vulnerability.  Use any props or supports you need to feel comfortable here and hang out for a while!

Inspiration of the day:  Vulnerability. (revisting an old ted talk! )

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