Tuesday, December 8th

Today, stand tall.  Lift your head high.  Feel the crown of your head reaching towards the heavens.  Feel the breath supporting you.  Pressures from many sides have been weighing heavily on most of us.  These manifest in many ways…. illness, crankiness, depression, tiredness, achiness, anger, frustration.  If you don’t see it in yourself, look to your immediate circle of family… kids, spouse, partner, close friends.

Whether it is in yourself, or a loved one, feel yourself becoming more erect as you align yourself in your physical body.  Watch out for slouching, curved shoulders, neck cranking forward.  Be extra careful with the joints. Do not allow the pressures to push you down any further.  Don’t give up. Don’t give in.

Rise up!  Stand tall!  Find your true height again!  You will feel your purpose, your focus, your drive return to you.  Do it for yourself and for those around you who can’t do it for themselves.

Pose of the day:  Tadasana (standing Mountain Pose)

Song of the day:  Get up, Stand up.



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