Humanity needs a Dream

Thoughts for today.

Disillusionment is up.  All around us we are beginning to see glimpses of the true nature of our world, our beings, our life.  In all its aspects, in all directions.  How we, collectively, have created what we, collectively, have sown.  No one is free from the responsibility of this creation.  How we respond is critical.

Separation has always been a part of this dualistic world we inhabit.  Within that separation, it is common to find our own way of coping.  Coping, is not a bad thing.  But it must be viewed as a temporary mechanism, not as a way to live permanently and build life.

Here lies one aspect of this disillusionment.

As we seek solace, as we cope, we bathe ourselves in light, linger in the sorrow, dance in the shadows, cloak ourselves with cheer.  Some of us, stand firmly in one of these places, anchoring in here refusing to let anything disturb our so called peace.  Others of us play this elaborate game of twister…. one limb here, one limb there, constantly changing our positions in search of that perfect balance or maybe just amusement!  As we become consumed or distracted, we forget that each of these actions represents a coping mechanism and in and of itself is not the end goal, but just a point along the way. Most of us advocate integration, coming together, living in harmony.  Do we really understand what this means?

Can we look forward with a dream in mind instead of looking back with anger and frustration and judgement?

Matin Luther’s epic “I have a dream….” speech is brilliant in part because he saw the need for a paradigm shift…to look forward instead of backward.  He knew we had to change the landscape of the  discussion completely in order to really eliminate the need to categorize humans in terms of “isms” and actions in terms of “ists”.

What is your dream?

Anchor in here.  Leave the disillusionment behind.  Breathe in the dream and let go of the fear.  Breathe in the dream and let go of the doubt.  Breathe in the dream and let go of the need to blame or to categorize each other.

We are all human.  May our humanity bring us into a deeper understanding or our Humanity.



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