Friday, December 4th – Sunday December 6th

The Weekend Report!

This weekend, challenge assumptions.  Look for them in the most obvious as well as unlikely places.  Assumptions about yourself, others, the world. Consider the assumptions that guide your day, your moment, your life.  When faced with challenging situations or life decisions, notice what assumptions you hold.  Where do these assumptions come from?  Are they even yours?  Are there assumptions you have acquired unconsciously?  Do they serve you and those around you?

Shining the light of awareness on our assumptions, we can move into a deeper understanding of ourselves and make choices that shift the patterns we wish to change in our lives .

Question these assumptions, not necessarily to be critical,but to be clear.  Some will stay, some will just have to go.  You decide.

In dropping your assumptions, you will find new options.

Wisdom of the weekend:  Assume Nothing.

Song of the weekend: Did you Ever have to make up your Mind?  by Loving Spoonful



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