Thursday, December 3rd

Today, Count your blessings.  Start with one.  Big or small.  Don’t do it all at once.  Count them as your day goes by.  Notice the little ones you might overlook. Blessings come in many shapes and sizes.  The packaging can sometimes be deceiving.  As you make your way through all the obvious ones, find the hidden  blessings.  The other side of the coin.  What has been overlooked?  Can you take in all the blessings around you?  Breathe them into your being and infuse every action, word and thought with them?

Life is sacred.  Your life is sacred.  Each and every moment of it.  It is a blessing to be alive in this sacred body on this sacred earth.

Live your life as though every moment were a blessing today.  It is.

Word of the day:  Blessing

Song of the day:  God Bless The Child



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