Thursday, November 26

Gratitude. Today, allow the light of thankfulness to shine. To reveal to you your luck, your fortune, your abundance, your joy. In whatever forms it shows up in in your life here and now.  See clearly through this sense of gratitude, every person, situation, moment, in your life today and beyond. Letting go of anger, frustration, judgement, comparison, shaming, blaming… of the past and the present and the future.  For at least a moment of prayer today, see everything with gratitude.  Appreciate all that is.  You don’t have to stay in that place forever, just visit it honestly, whole heartedly for a few moments and see what it reveals for you.  Perhaps it is exceedingly difficult?  Perhaps surprisingly easy?  You won’t know until you try.  And I mean, really give it your best!

If all people everywhere take a true, pure, honest and committed moment of clear thankfulness today, what then might be possible?

Breathe into this space of gratitude.  It is your true home.

word of the day:  Gratitude

action of the day:  Grace

Song of the day:  Cherokee Morning Song


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