Tuesday, November 24

Step back. Way back today.  Look from above. From high above.  Imagine the Eagle, the Hawk. Flying higher, you see more of the whole picture.  Broader perspective gives you more space. Space to breathe, to accept, to understand, to acknowledge all that is.  From this larger perspective, it is hard to finger point, to blame, to accuse.  All things start to seem neutral.  If you look at a single tree from from right above it, you see That tree.  You notice its individual aspects. What kind of tree it is, who inhabits it, the health of its branches.  As you travel higher in the sky you see the trees around it too, noticing it is part of a forest.  Even higher and the forest becomes one, a single mass of green.  Higher still and it connects to other forests, to masses of green. Until, far enough away, the green becomes indiscernible, as the colors of our planet earth form one large mass together.

How far away can you see things from?  Current issues, misunderstandings, difficulties in your personal life today nd recently, can benefit from this perspective.  Coming deeper into our expression of wholeness and connectedness.

Become the Eagle.  Look from above.

Word of the day:  Distance




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