Monday, November 23

Today, and this week ahead, connection is highlighted.  Through family, friends, gatherings, celebrations, loved ones, communities.  Consider today, the depths of interconnectedness and all the implications therein.

Its a profoundly humbling experience to understand that each action, each thought, each word, each deed… affects those around us tremendously.  As we look closely at connection, to form a clearer ability to connect, we look too at those places that might scare us.  The unintentional harm we may cause ourselves and others through unconscious living.  There are so many levels to this awareness, to this perspective… from the physical to the emotional to the energetic.  We have a tendency to look at one at a time, to single them out.  This may be necessary to allow us the ability to access the information we need, but at some point, integration becomes critical.

Today, can you allow yourself the full perspective of interconnectedness?  Can you look at your own life, body, family, choices with self love and compassion to see the places you may not be recognizing as affecting others or yourself?  Can you accept the places you have not yet illuminated with light of your awakened self , and with your acceptance, look deeply?  Can you forgive?

In beginning the process of clearing these spaces, we come into fuller and fuller expressions of our true, loving, divine, compassionate, connected self.

Word of the day:  connection

Practice of the day:  Self Love

Song of the day:





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