Wednesday, November 18

Today, mess around.

Life is messy.  Conversations are messy.  Houses are messy.  Resolution is messy.  Social Media is messy. Art is messy.  I could go on and on.

What makes us think a nice list and a well laid plan will circumvent the mess?  The messiness is part of the process of life. Today, celebrate it all around you.  For a moment, or moments, just enjoy the mess. Messiness can lead to brilliance, creativity and true outside the box thinking.  What are you willing to mess around with today?  What doors, pathways, leaps, changes and  outcomes might open up for you if you let go of the need to control and accept the messiness of it all?

Word of the day:  Messy

Song of the day:  Lady Be Good…. messing around in the parlor


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