Thursday, November 12

A moment of pink in the sky.  Colorful Sunrise greets the day.  A blessing for the work done previously.  And with a breath, it is gone. Grey skies move in, hiding all signs of the radiant display from seconds ago.  How quickly this sky changes.  Shifting our landscape dramatically. The quality of light, the temperature of the air.  How we see.  How we feel.

This too shall pass.

Letting go of judgment.  Letting go of attachment (yes, even to those beautiful pink clouds!).  We see only that the world around us is in constant flux. Change is truly the only consistent thing!

Today, embrace the change.  Love it for what it is… not what you want it to be. In deep appreciation for everything everything everything… I really mean everything!    This too, will bring you into greater levels of wholeness.


Word of the day:  change

Song of the day:  We Belong


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