Wednesday, November 11

The auspiciousness of today whirls around us all like the leaves in the wind. It is everywhere. Swirling, dancing, moving, shifting, falling, floating, lifting.  The movement today is palpable.  Can you feel it energizing each and every cell?  Can you feel it riding your breath?  Its a day for action, for playfulness, for song, for dance, for fun, for cheer, for celebration.  Veterans Day, Martinmas, Diwali, New Moon and 11/11 are a few of the overlapping auspices of today.  This is no coincidence. It is a day when the theme of bringing the light into the dark places plays heavily into every action, every word, every deed, every step.  The potential today to literally “bring in the light” is tremendous.  How will you use this opportunity?  Where will you shine your light?  Look within first.  Finding those places that need to be revealed. From here, the light will pour out to those around you, your family, your community, the world.  Light a candle today.  Light many.  Allow the flame to remind you of your inner light.  To connect deeply with it. And then dance, sing, play, jump, skip, run, hike, bike, breathe, fly….. celebrating this day of light within the darkness.  Namaste.

word of the day:  Namaste

painting of the day:


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