Monday, November 9

What is the smoke to the fire?  The residue?  The companion?  The distraction?  What else?  As the smoke rises and disperses, it carries with it whatever was burned away in the flames.  It rides the wind, the air, the breath.  It always dissipates. Always shifts.  Have you tried to draw the smoke?  paint it?  sing it?  dance it?  capture its essence in words written or spoken?  Or just witnessed its own dance of forming and re forming. Sometimes it spirals. Sometimes it floats.  sometimes it shoots straight up in a single line.

Today, the smoke is your teacher.  Light a candle, or a fire, or some incense or smudge and after the flame… pay attention to the smoke.  And see what you are called to do, create or realize.

Word of the day:  observe


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