Friday November 6 – Sunday November 8

Vulnerability is front and center this weekend.  Things will be seem to be lost.  Your efforts may seem in vain.  Battles may feel like they are raging.  You may need to lay low and come into your core.  Into the core of your being.  The physical core.  Perhaps some yoga or dance will help.  Or even just deep breathing, closing the eyes, and drawing your intention inward.  Feel the strength and protection offered from this core.  Do not re-act to volatile situations.  Just keep moving inward.  Deeper and deeper into your core.  Be gentle and kind to yourself.  And then, when you are ready, be gentle and kind to those around you.  Take your time. Don’t rush it.  Baby steps are best right now.

word of the day:  core

practice of the day:  chi gong

song of the day:  


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