Tuesday, November 3rd

Savor the moment.  Taste the beauty of each delicious breath.  Letting go of the past, of the future, of yesterday and even of today. There is only now to savor. Be attentive to gripping in the body or in your mind.  to holding onto ideas and concepts that do not appreciate this amazing moment.  what are you holding on to?  Is there something to be cleared?  a remnant of un-acknowledged pain?  It has no place here.  It is long gone.  Forgive and move on.  Or risk being stuck in an endless cycle that has no beginning and no end and leads no where.  Where might this apply in your life, today?

word of the day;  mmmmmm, Savor!

Pose of the day;  supta baddha konasana.. reclining bound angle pose… with as many props as you need!

Mantra of the day;  Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha.  chant to  Ganesha, destroyer of the ego and remover of obstacles.


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