Monday, November 2

Sweet stillness calls us near. Calls us to remember, to reflect, to listen and to watch. Saying little, watching lovingly, opening our awareness to include all the senses. There are no words here to reflect the inner knowing from deep within. No words can express the vastness of this being. There is only trust and a solid anchoring into the place before the fear, the worry, the judgement, the betrayal. On this solid, hallowed ground walk with reverence and Grace. On this sacred journey, release the blame, the shame, and find you inner stillness calling. You will know when you have entered that place when you feel,Mao solidly in your soul, the Trust that has always been your guidance. 
Word of the day: Trust
Quote of the day: “When you allow that stillness to come inside of you, it is really like a prayer. It is an unspoken prayer. When you allow the stillness, you allow all this feeling, worry, and everything just to drop away. So, you are clearing the path for the answers that you need.”
Maticintin, Wisdom Master


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