Wednesday, October 21

On this peak day of the week,  focus on your balance.  Notice it in your body.  Can you feel or see the places where there is imbalance? Do you notice where you are “uneven”?  Without judgement or expectation, become aware of these places today.  They may be quite subtle. Do you always carry a heavy bag on one arm? A wallet in one pocket? Depending on how sensitive your being is,even heavy jewelry on one wrist only can throw you out of balance.  Do you stand in conversation with your weight mostly on one leg?  Do you often place one hand on your hip?  Our gestures, patterns and habits through the day have a profound impact on the body that is so often overlooked.

Spend some time today feeling what it is like to be consciously in your body without any of your bags, wallets, cell phones, jewelry or any thing else you habitually carry around. Walk in balance, sit in balance, talk on the phone in balance.  What does it feel like?   register that feeling as you move through your day and into your sleep.  See how differently you sleep and dream after a day of awareness on balance.


Word of the day:  balance

Yoga pose: tadasana;  mountain pose

Song of the day:  double Dutch bus.  Just because!


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